Why Answering Machines Should Never Be Used In Business

It is very easy to put your answering machine on in your business when you are too busy to take telephone calls. However, you may not realise the damage that this is doing to your business reputation.

When confronted with an answering machine, the caller will feel like the call is not worth your time. Leaving a message is something that many people do not like doing. It is a very forced way of trying to contact the company and for this reason many people decide to put the phone down and not bother leaving the message. Those that do decide to leave a voicemail message may forget to leave their telephone number or even their name. This means that it can be difficult to get back to them even if they do leave a message. This renders the answering machine useless!

Answering the call is far more beneficial. The personal touch is something which is vital in customer service and in business as a whole. By giving your customers a voice at the end of the phone, you can be sure that you are presenting the best kind of customer service that you can. Customer service is what can set you out from the crowd.

In some instances it is just impossible to get somebody to answer the phone because, especially in small businesses, there is just not enough staff or time to deal with each call as professionally as you would like. However, you could outsource something like a call handling service which is run in a call centre.

The calls in a call handling service are transferred directly to the call centre. There is no need to change your business telephone number and your clients will not realise that their call has been transferred to the call centre. The call is picked up very quickly by a professional and friendly member of the call handling team. This means that the caller is presented with a very friendly and professional person on the other end of the line. The call is then transferred where appropriate or the call handler can give information or take orders when necessary. As the call handling service continues to answer your calls, they can get to know your clients and the ways in which you work with and run your business. This can only be a good thing for your business, which needs to do everything it can to encourage customer loyalty.

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