Why are big businesses failing at customer service?

With smartphones, social media and always-on Internet, consumers are becoming more connected than ever before. And, with advances in technology and customer service systems, businesses should be finding it easier to connect with their consumers and fulfil their needs. Right? Wrong.

Many companies are failing to meet customer expectations and recent reports have brought attention to the big organisations who are struggling to do the most ‘basic’ of customer service tasks. HMRC, Scottish Power and BT are just some of the brands who have been named and shamed for their poor customer service.

So, why do these large organisations – whose annual profits exceed any justifiable explanation – fail to realise their customer service wrong-doings before being publicly humiliated?

HMRC Call Waiting Times Of 40 Minutes

Earlier this year, shocking figures revealed that 10.5 million calls to HMRC went to answer machine or received an engaged tone while 7.4 million were terminated by frustrated customers who were fed up with waiting on hold.

At peak times the taxman missed a third of calls and in January alone, more than a million callers hung up after being forced to wait on the line. Even if a call was answered, people had up to wait 40 minutes to speak to an advisor.

HMRC was forced to divert £45 million of taxpayers’ cash to fix the call centre chaos. However, consumers are still apprehensive about the recent improvements, suggesting an emphasis should be placed on the quality of the service and not employing extra people to man the phones.

Scottish Power Worst Customer Service

Scottish Power was ranked the worst firm for customer service in the 2015 annual Which? study of 3,500 consumers. Customers reported continuously experiencing a “useless series” with “unhelpful standardised replies”.

When questioned on the lack of customer service, a Scottish Power spokesman blamed the problem to be an account migration on a new IT system. The faulty system was employed to help customers manage their accounts more easily.

In an effort to restore customer faith, Scottish Power has recruited 500 additional customer service advisors in their UK call centres and have reduced the average speed of answer from 193 seconds to 54 seconds.

BT Overseas Call Centres

In more recent news, BT Consumer has promised to invest millions of pounds in call centres in hope to improve the customer experience. The company pledge to answer 80 percent of customers’ calls in the UK by the end of 2016 and plan to expand further in years to come.

Earlier this month, Which? 2015 annual customer service report found BT to be one of the top 5 companies to grade badly in customer service. With the UK’s biggest customer service complaint being overseas call centres, BT’s latest announcement came as no surprise.

BT, which has more than 10million customers in the UK, has used call centres in Bangalore and Delhi to support UK operations since 2003. Customers have long complained over poor customer service with staff who are unable to sort out basic problems.

Leave It To The Professionals

Poor customer service is the most common reason for customers taking their business elsewhere. If your company wants to increase customer loyalty and decrease turnover rate, you must employ a flawless customer service strategy.

The organisations that a renown for providing excellent customer service don’t just meet customer expectations, they exceed them. By successfully going that extra mile, these companies create a loyal fan base who market their brand via word-of-mouth.

No business can afford to lose customers. When you outsource your customer service to a professional call handling service, you ensure a high-quality experience each time a customer contacts your business. Your customer service representatives are trained in understanding all customer needs, creating confidence in your customer-based as enquiries are dealt with appropriately.

Exceed All Expectations

No engaged lines

Today’s customer is empowered to make or break a company’s reputation through bad-mouthing online and reaching a viral audience. As a result, there is a heightened importance for excellent customer service.

With alldayPA, your calls are answered quickly and professionally within three rings. Unlike HMRC, your callers will never be greeted by an automated message, engaged tone or on-hold music. Your company will never miss a customer call or business enquiry again.

The latest technology

The tools your company utilise has an impact on the level of customer service. Inbound call centres are equipped with the latest technology to provide top-notch customer service with each and every call.

alldayPA are consistently investing in the most innovative technology on the market to ensure customers endure the most seamless experience. Unlike Scottish Power, the average speed of answer is 10 seconds and customers will never suffer the displeasure of being passed around different agents.

Answered in the UK 24/7/365

The UK’s biggest customer service gripe is overseas call centres. Customers want to experience a personalised, non-robotic experience. A call answering service will greet your callers in your company’s voice. Your customers won’t know the difference between a call answered by your virtual PA and your company.

alldayPA is the only call answering service to all calls from within the UK. Other companies either outsource out-of-hours overseas or charge extra for calls answered around the clock. Unlike BT, your calls will be answered quickly and professionally from one of three UK-based call centres.

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