Why does telephone answering work for vets?

Telephone answering: The best kept secret of the veterinary industry

When we went to the London Vet Show 2016 we had a fantastic couple of days meeting lots of people from across the veterinary industry.

What we found interesting was that while a lot of people we spoke to were interested in call answering or had a provider already, there were just as many people who had no idea this fantastic service existed.

Because of this, we thought we’d put together this handy guide about telephone answering for the vet industry.

So what is a telephone answering service anyway?

To put it simply, we answer your calls when you can’t. Our client’s set up a divert on their phone line, so their calls come through to our offices where our fantastic team of PA’s answer their calls for them. Then, depending on the kind of service the client has chosen, we either take a message or perform another task which could be anything from booking an appointment to taking an order.

Because using an answering service is as simple as activating a divert on your phone line, it means you can use us whenever you want. Some of our clients use us all the time, some of our clients only use us when their staff are busy, and some of our clients use us for cover out of hours.

We’re flexible to give you the support you need in your practice.

So why should you choose alldayPA?

When it comes to telephone answering services, alldayPA is the perfect fit for vets.

Most telephone answering services only offer message taking. That means when your client phones in, they simply take a message, name, and number, and then email this information across to you. While this is effective, and is certainly better than missing the call, it doesn’t provide the best outcome for you or your client.

At alldayPA, we offer more than just message taking. That is why we are perfect for the vet sector. Typically, we offer our veterinary clients a diary management and appointment booking service with a customised script.

What this means is that we integrate with your system so we can book appointments straight into your practice diary, and we prepare our PA’s with a comprehensive script about your practice so they can answer some of your most frequently asked questions. This could be something as simple as your opening hours, or more complicated information like prices for routine procedures. You provide the information for us to build the script, so we can answer as many different questions as you need us to.

This service means that your callers can get their queries resolved in a single phone call, and your receptionists can concentrate on working with your clients in the practice. That isn’t possible with a basic message taking service.

Affordable 24 hour cover

Another benefit of alldayPA we answer calls 24/7 for no additional charge. Any call we take on your behalf is priced the same, whether it comes in at 3 am or 3 pm. This means you can easily and affordably provide your clients with an effective 24 hour emergency line, and you won’t be hit by inflated charges for taking calls at night. Your clients’ pets are like their family members, and increasingly people expect to be able to contact their vets around the clock. With alldayPA, you can provide that assurance to your clients.

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We believe our diary management and appointment booking service is perfect for vets, however it isn’t the only service we offer. We offer a wide range of telephone answering services from diary management, to incident response, and even simple message taking. Because of this we have a solution for every veterinary practice.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your practice deal with challenge of answering the phone 24/7.

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