Why You Should Compare All Of Your Suppliers


Research shows UK businesses waste over £28,000 a year on inefficiency. With suppliers selling customers bundles and packages that are not right for that business, it’s surprising how many companies are paying more than they could be. Companies could be saving a lot more money than they realise.

Here are alldayPA’s 5 reasons to compare all of your business suppliers, not just gas and electricity.

  1. Businesses will try and sell you a higher package to make money. Do not settle for the first supplier you research, shop around and compare which who can offer you the best price without having to compromise on quality.
  2. When it comes to suppliers for services such as recruitment, shop around. If you can’t find a price that is competitive enough then consider finding an alternative. Can you outsource the roles that you are recruiting for? This could result in a much lower spend. Outsourcing roles such as receptionists, PA’s and administration could save businesses thousands a year.
  3. Compare suppliers every year. As costs go up and down prices change, year on year. New customers could be on the same package as you however may be paying less. Ask what the company can do for your business and if they can provide you with a lower price. Don’t let new customers get the best deals.
  4. New businesses come on to the market every year. As they try and penetrate the market  they will be offering better deals to grow a database of loyal customers. Do your research and find out if you can work with new businesses, helping them grow and saving you money.
  5. Compare the service not just the price. What are you getting for the money you are paying? Companies could be offering a better service for the same price you are paying your current supplier. Get a like for like comparison on the services you are receiving and see if you can gain on this aspect.

So if you’re thinking about using a new supplier for any aspect of your business or changing your current one, make sure you have covered all aspects of what they are offering you. Compare suppliers to find out if you can save money, gain a better service or find an alternative route to benefit your business.

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