Will 2014 Be The Year You Get On Google Plus And Stay There?

Google Plus, it is frequently noted, can feel like a bit of a ghost town to newcomers. While its regulars are quick to recommend it for its ability to connect you with people you have never spoken with before, unlike Twitter it can be more difficult to build a following in this way very quickly. And, because many people you already know may not be on Google Plus either, it can be difficult to know where to go to find people who share your interests.

Crucially, social media engagement is not just about building as large a following as possible. But for many newcomers to all platforms, the higher the follower figures, the better: it helps you know you’re not just posting into thin air!

The key to working with and loving Google Plus lies in connecting with others, sharing information and engaging in conversations. Here are our tips for not only surviving on Google Plus, but thriving with it this year.


Communities are a great place to connect with people who share similar interests, from recreational activities and hobbies such as photography, to professional and industrial insights such as marketing. Google Plus communities enable you to search for what you want to know more about and establish yourself as a key member in that area by posting frequently, answering questions (and asking them too) and building relationships with other active members.

It’s all about the conversation on Google Plus. On Twitter you are more likely to indulge a shallow form of engagement: every time you scroll down your feed you might retweet a relevant post or favourite it, but you wouldn’t necessarily go any further than that. You have your favourite people who post about the things you are interested in, but 140 characters is a challengingly small amount of text to enable you to really build relationships and have conversations.

On Google Plus, however, you can indulge in lengthy debates, getting into the nitty-gritty, or simply share a few words. You have the choice. And because each comment is laid out in chronological order in a cohesive comments section, you are more easily able to follow the thread of the conversation than on Twitter, for instance.

Circle shares

A relatively recent phenomenon, circle shares are a great way to get your numbers up fast. The key to social media is not how many followers we have, but when you first start up on Google Plus, it can sometimes feel like you are posting into the abyss. To avoid this echoing emptiness, you can engage in a circle share, adding multiple people and once and then sit back, waiting for some of them to add you in return.

There is a downside to this strategy, as it makes it more difficult to target your relevant audience. Circle shares are shared and shared and shared again, (creating a “ripple”): each person who shares it adds themselves and a few others, making it less and less targeted. It’s a great way to grow your following, but beware that this doesn’t necessarily mean any of them will care about what you have to say.

Combine the two

If you’re a UK business owner and are looking to connect with other businesses in your region or are looking to build relationships throughout the country with other industry insiders, you would benefit from joining alldayPA’s community UK Business Circles.

This is a community focused on bringing together the benefits of community and circle sharing. Every Friday, we share a circle in our community of active, engaging and interesting business accounts in the UK. Grow your following by adding these useful people to your circles and engaging with relevant people and businesses in your industry.

Establish yourself as a thought-leader in our community and find other people who share your interests. We have already commented on the UK’s reluctance to get involved in Google Plus despite the many benefits of the platform, so invite other business owners to get involved and help grow our community.

We aim to build UK Business Circles into an active, engaging, versatile community, providing a genuinely useful resource for businesses in all sectors across the UK. Network, share information and market your business all in one place. Make 2014 the year you get on Google Plus and stay there.

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