How To Work From Your Home Office, Virtual Office Solutions

Working from a home office is an option that many self-employed people and business managers are deciding to do. There are many reasons for this, not least the financial benefits that the business can gain.

Working from home means that you do not need a physical business office elsewhere, so no high rental bills or extra utility costs are problem.

As a self-employed person, it makes sense to work from a home office to save money in the early days. It also allows you to work flexibly, with no need to travel into work each morning.

However, working from your home office does present some disadvantages. The first is the fact that you cannot achieve such a professional image when working from your home office. If you need to invite customers back for a meeting, it can be slightly embarrassing to have to take them back to your house and through your kitchen to your small home-based office.

One way around this is to hire meeting rooms in a prestigious business Park when you need them. This allows you to present the image that you want your clients, without compromising too much on your finances. Another option is to find yourself a cheap virtual office to use as your business address – it needn’t be a huge expense but can make your business appear much more professional.

To distinguish between your home life and your business life, you may want to set up an extra telephone line. Setting up of professional business telephone line allows customers to view you as a more professional and reliable business, even though you are using the same telephone as your home phone. You can advertise this telephone number on marketing collateral and at the bottom of e-mails and all correspondence, and customers need never know that you actually based in your home office.

You may also want to outsource call handling services so that you can better run your business. Sometimes, as a self-employed person you cannot answer all of the telephone calls at all times of the day because you are too busy chasing leads and having business meetings. You can arrange your telephone calls to be directed straight to a call centre, where professional and friendly call operators can take your calls and your messages and even transfer certain calls to your mobile phone if you want them to.

This again appears professional to the potential customer, who receives a quick response and a friendly voice at the end of the phone as well. The call operator can even answer the phone in your company name, giving the impression that you are a much larger company than you actually are which can convince some potential customers to use your business.

You can also set up voicemail services and automate other areas of your home-based business to improve your quality of service, the functionality of your business and your financial situation.

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