Your Business Is Never Fully Disaster-Proof without Call Answering.

Although fall is upon us, the harsh winter weather is just around the corner. And, with weather reports warning Britons to prepare for an Arctic winter with heavy snowstorms, many businesses could face being left in the cold and unable to operate.

Whether it’s weather-related or natural disaster, if your business is forced to close temporarily, you’re risking losing clients and money. Can your business afford not to have a disaster recovery (DR) or business continuity plan in place?

Disaster can strike at any moment

This year, disaster recovery has been a top priority for 45 percent of UK businesses. The increase in legal and regulatory compliance coupled with increasing customer demands, more businesses (5 percent more than 2014 to be exact) are recognising the importance of DR.

But knowing DR is necessary and implementing a strategy effectively are two separate things. In a separate study by Timico, only 5 percent of respondents said they were totally confident that their DR plan was adequate.

Disaster can strike at any time. UK businesses face both man-made and natural disasters such as power failures, damage to phone lines, and flash flooding or hazardous fires. Today, customers expect an always-on service, your business must do its part to avoid downtime when disaster strikes.

Gambling your company’s future

Disaster is unpredictable and devastating to both business and customer. Your business must remain responsive to customers in the event of a system failure. How you handle these situations is a reflection of your brand. In today’s connected world, the ability to get business up and running after a major event or disruption is important.

Communication is the key to any DA scenario, so businesses need to consider how they will continue to receive calls. If your business uses landline, you should consult your telecom carrier or managed service provider to review options for rerouting numbers in the event of a disaster. However, this option could take hours, if not days.

Telephone answering disaster recovery keeps business running as smoothly as possible while granting customers the reassurance they need during stressful times. Consistent levels of communications during distressing times demonstrates real professionalism.

Disaster recovery call handling

When your business outsources to a professional telephone answering service (24 hours) you will benefit from enhanced agility and financial savings. The disaster recovery service will take over when your systems are down, helping you resume operations as quickly as possible while keeping customer satisfaction levels up. When you’re ready, you simply reclaim control.

6 key benefits of using alldayPA’s disaster recovery call answering service:

  • Your customers will speak to a real person 24/7, even in the event of a phone line failure
  • No business opportunity missed, no client enquiry ignored
  • An enhanced brand image as business remains contactable despite circumstances
  • Ensure compliance with industry requirements for business continuity planning
  • Peace of mind clients remain unaware of the issues your company face
  • Increase levels of customer service as business is available to clients 24/7/365

With the right services in place, a business can cope with a wide range of disasters without sacrificing uptime and customers. With alldayPA’s disaster recovery service, you gain 24/7 support when you need it most. We focus on protecting your customer base, while you focus on reconstructing business opportunities.

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