Dedicated, professional, sympathetic.

Charities need a telephone answering service with dedicated,
sympathetic, and professional operators that understand
the complex needs of their callers and their cause.

Calls to charities are unlike calls in any other sector

When it comes to answering calls for charities, it takes more than just reading from a script. Operators should triage calls to find the route of the problem behind every call. By triaging calls, an answering service benefits the safeguarding process.
An answering service can also manage appointment booking for your specialist advisors, making it an integral part of your contact team.

The Right Processes

Charities need more than just call answering. They need:

  • Seamless integration with existing systems.
  • An understanding of key deliverables, KPIs, and how they are met.
  • Solutions that provide definable results and justify expenditure.

Choose right solution on paper and in practice.

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The Right Operators

It takes a certain type of person to answer calls for a charity:

  • Charity callers need sympathetic operators.
  • Callers with complex needs require operators that are patient.
  • Life experienced operators mean every call is answered with empathy and respect.

The right operator does more than just answer the phone.

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We understand the charity sector

At alldayPA we have a long history of working with charities and we understand your needs. We offer tailored solutions to the challenge of telephone answering for charities. All our staff undergo an extensive training program that is proven to provide the patient, empathetic, and professional staff your callers deserve.
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