Disaster Recovery Support

If the unthinkable happens, all of your calls will be diverted to us at a minute’s notice with alldayPA’s disaster recovery support.

Have you thought about how you would answer calls in the event of an unexpected or unplanned emergency? alldayPA Disaster Recovery Services can help.

Why plan for a disaster?

What would be your contingency plan for answering the phone to your customers, if you had to evacuate your premises because of a fire or a bomb scare, if there was a power cut or if extreme weather made it impossible for staff to get into work?

One of the easiest ways to prepare for every eventuality is to set up emergency call cover with alldayPA.

What happens in an emergency?

With this service in place, if the unthinkable happens, all your calls will be diverted to us at a minute’s notice.

In the event of an emergency, we will liaise with your network provider to route calls to alldayPA. Calls will be handled as if by your in-house reception – our operators will take messages or put callers through to your staff’s mobiles, home numbers or emails – until you’re up-and-running again. Your callers will be unaware of the crisis and business by phone will continue as usual, maintaining brand image and professionalism at all times.

No matter what happens, we can ensure you stay open for business in the event of a disaster or system failure. Call alldayPA today to talk about your disaster recovery plan.