alldayPA Finance

We can answer all of your calls or offer additional support for your existing reception and switchboard when needed.

Call answering for Financial Advisors and IFA’s

As business opportunities in the financial sector continue to improve, there is an increase in the number of calls being made to firms, especially outside core business hours. Independent Financial Advisers (IFA) and Mortgage Brokers spend the majority of their day in face-to-face meetings with clients, and with increasing regulations and paperwork, are having to work twice as hard. Having a specialist telephone answering service in place will empower you to work smarter with peace of mind that you will never miss a business opportunity again.

Your calls will be answered as if based in your office with your exact requirements followed. Receive real-time message taking and call transfer as well as offering real customer service from real people.

We look
after your clients
24/7 – 365

80% of new enquiries
won’t call back if they
can’t get through to you
the first time
they call

Why financial advisors use a telephone answering service

alldayPA finance enables firms to ‘work smart’ with virtual PA and call handling services. Many companies invest in our expertise and rely on our professional services to help with the management of their business. We work closely with countless financial businesses including advisory firms, banking, lending services and customer service departments. We operate 24/7/365 to ensure you will never miss an important business opportunity or client enquiry again.

Call handling for the financial sector

No matter what size of financial firm you operate we are here as additional support to your staff. May it be out of hours or during busy periods, alldayPA finance will answer any call. We act as your full time 24/7/365 front office or assist your existing staff during busy spells, lunch time, sickness or holiday cover, as well as out of hours and much more.

Our team of PAs will answer your calls as if based in your office. This call can be transferred to you in real time or a message can be taken and sent to the appropriate person.

Your callers will feel reassured their enquiry is important as it is being dealt with professionally.


We have pride in what we do

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service on every call we answer. With our in-house recruitment programme, training academy and continuous call monitoring, you can have the reassurance your calls are being answered at an exceptionally high standard.


Case Study

A couple visited a new home showroom on Saturday at 5 pm, they want to reserve a plot but require qualification of their finances. The show home assistant calls through to a Financial Advisory firm (whose offices are showing closed at the weekend), alldayPA finance answers the call, takes the client’s details and immediately emails the urgent request to the firm.

An advisor from the firm responds to the email by calling the clients and a reservation for the plot has been secured.


Why choose alldayPA finance?

Are you missing out on business because you cannot get to the phone? 80% of callers who don’t get through to your firm won’t call back. If you’re not answering your calls, your competition will be.At alldayPA finance, we have 16 years experience and we’ve answered more than 125 million calls.

The number of people making calls to financial services firms outside core business hours has increased. You need to be prepared for incoming calls and potential clients.