How Does A Virtual Office Differ From A Physical One?

The virtual vs. physical office debate is hotter now than ever before. It is becoming increasingly difficult to run a successful business, and so many people are opting for virtual offices to save money without compromising on quality.

A physical office has many costs: The cost of the desks, drawers, chairs, cabinets and all the technical I.T. equipment as well, such as computers and software, phones, and so on. You also need printers, scanners, fax machines and speakers.

Once you have managed to equip your office and you also have the added expense of hiring staff, a physical office still has other costs. For example, a physical office must obey certain regulations with health and safety. Your office will be inspected by the Health and Safety Officer to make sure your company passes a Fire inspection and fire drill procedure.

All of this is highly costly, especially for start up businesses. This means a virtual office is becoming more popular.

A virtual office has less costs: A virtual office is a concept which means you still have staff working for you, but from their own chosen location, i.e. no central office. It is an office that works by using the telephone and internet to interface with others.

There are many differing advantages to this.

Your staff to have their own personal freedom to work to their own daily schedule.
They can work at any time of the day or even in the middle of the night as long as they get the work done.
Traffic in the morning is no longer an issue.
You have a happier workforce.
Working from home doesn’t mean people don’t work. In fact, research shows people are more inclined to work at home as they can fit in the work around their own day without the physical boundaries of an office.
Creating a virtual office will therefore save you money.
In order for your virtual office to succeed, you should create a website so there is a central presence online for clients to see. This might even include a virtual address so your clients believe you are working from one professional office location.

More and more businesses are finding that this makes perfect business sense and are running their own virtual office. It can be a great way for any start up company to save money, or larger company to cut down on costs.