Incident Call Management

24-hour emergency response lines.
We escalate your calls to your team when necessary.

Incident Call Management

No matter what you need from an emergency call out service or how complex your requirements, we give you a tailored solution to support your team. Perfect for IT companies and property maintenance firms, we keep you available to your callers 24 hours a day. Giving you a tailored and seamless service, we train all our PAs in your account to ensure that all your calls are handled to your exact specifications. Get the peace of mind that your callers can always get through to you when they need to with alldayPA.

We integrate with your existing systems to support your in-house team and your callers. From a bespoke greeting to a tailored script, we take messages, transfer calls, follow-up and much more. No matter how your calls need to be handled, we tailor our 24-hour emergency call out services to your exact requirements.

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Regardless of what your call-out requirements are, alldayPA can absolutely deliver. Our service can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems to support both your in-house team and your callers. We provide our services in a number of ways, we can deliver a bespoke greeting, or work to a tailored script, take messages and also transfer calls. No matter how you may require our services we can tailor our 24-hour emergency call out services to match your exact requirements.

Be there for your customers no matter when they need you.

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after your clients

Power of the human voice

80% of callers will not call a business
back if they are greeted by an
automated voicemail or
hold tone.

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