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The specialists in handling calls for law firms

Specialists in call handling for law firms

When you lose calls that generally means that you are losing business. With every call that is missed or not handled well an opportunity to generate revenue goes amiss. In today’s competitive environment, ensuring all client enquiries are dealt with in an optimum fashion is extremely crucial.

This is where alldayPA comes in and is why we can play a pivotal role in handling calls in an efficient manner. alldayPA legal are UK’s first call answering service that has been dedicated to the legal sector. Knowing the sector well, we understand the things that matter to you, the clients. This is why we formulate a bespoke service that is based on providing a high-quality service that is provided at very reasonable prices.

Get a cost-effective, 24-hour solution for your firm so you never miss another call again or a gruntled client who has not been dealt with in a professional manner. Professionalism sells so make sure you have everything in hand.

We look
after your clients
24/7 – 365

80% of new enquiries
won’t call back if they
can’t get through to you
the first time
they call

Telephone answering for the legal sector

The reason why we are so well versed with the Legal sector is because we have personnel within the business who have had an affiliation with the legal sector. Within our business, we have people who are trained solicitors, trained paralegals and personnel who have been involved in the operations side of the business with prominent law firms.

Not only are our staff members versed in the legal sector, we also have an experienced lawyer on our Board, David Joseph, (ex-president of the Manchester Law Society) part of a successful award winning law firm.

Call answering for solicitors

In today’s day and age work environments are fast-paced and extremely hectic, which is why you need to be there when your client calls ensuring the business opportunity is not lost. Receptionists cannot always be hand to answer a call as there is no set time for when they may ring. But running a law firm we all know that staff need their lunch breaks, go to the bathroom or run other tasks.

As a business having a productive work staff is paramount. In the legal sector, there are numerous roles where answering the telephone is just one part of the job. Hence, when a client comes on the phone the first impression is the one that counts. Make sure it lasts with a tailored for solicitors telephone answering service.


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Why you need more than 17 yrs of experience

With calls increasing to the legal sector before and after normal working hours, your firm needs to be prepared 24/ 7 for incoming enquiries.

We understand that a firm’s reputation is at stake each time the phone rings. We understand the problems associated with not answering the calls on time or in an adequate manner.

Call answering for barristers

We understand that for over 12,000 of the UK’s barristers who are self-employed, missed calls mean lost business. When you miss a call, you risk missing out on business. When you are undertaking advocacy, in a conference with a client, or in a serene environment building your next case, you need to be absolutely sure that you are not losing out on potential new clients as well.

With competition for work increasing for many barristers and direct access giving new meaning to the notion of being self-employed, every enquiry counts. Whether you are public access, or if your most trusted solicitors have your mobile on speed dial, you need to be sure that even when you cannot get to the phone, you won’t miss out on any opportunities.


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Why choose alldayPA Legal?

With over 17 years experience and specialist knowledge of the legal sector, alldayPA legal will always be the best choice for your firms incoming calls and enquiries.

We will be able to tailor our services to suit your requirements as we do not treat every law firm the same. We understand that each firm has their own requirements, which ensures we do not amalgamate a solution that may not be the best fit. We take the time to understand our customer before working out a solution that will best work.