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Media Response

Finding it difficult to track and measure the success of your marketing campaigns?

Marketing campaigns can be incredibly expensive so it is important to make sure you squeeze as many sales out of them as possible.

The problem is that the more successful your marketing campaign is, the more calls you’ll receive.

This can be a good thing – however if you don’t have people ready to answer those calls you’re losing business and wasting the money spent on marketing.

That’s where media response from alldayPA comes in.

alldayPA give your team the support you need to run more cost-effective marketing campaigns and generate more leads.

We’re on hand 24 hours a day to make sure you never miss a call generated through your campaigns.

We also offer additional services to enhance the performance our media response package.

From brochure requests to order-taking, booking appointments and answering your callers’ questions, we can be a fully outsourced extension of your marketing and customer service teams.

We give you a cost-effective way to measure your marketing and advertising campaigns and ensure that none of your enquiries go unanswered.

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Maximise your marketing potential with a 24-hour Media Response Line

We know that for marketing campaigns data in real-time is of high value, so we provide in depth reports on the calls we’ve taken on your behalf.

We provide dedicated phone numbers for each and every one of your marketing campaigns and a variety of reports helping you to evaluate and understand what works.

This means that by looking at which unique phone number receive the most calls, you can see which of your campaigns gained the most traction and generated the most revenue for your business.

Getting the most from marketing and media campaigns is often a big challenge for businesses. alldayPA’s media response lines can help.

It can be difficult to effectively track your campaigns and understand what is working for you. Your callers often can’t recall where they heard about you, and your staff have little time to waste questioning them, especially when they have other calls waiting and work to be getting on with.

Many of the calls generated by advertising go unanswered because of heavy work schedules and the fact that your audience is simply not in the right frame of mind to notice you during the working week and instead call over the evening and weekend.

This means you will often miss the calls that come in when customers are ready to buy. By the time you’re back in the office and have time to reply to their enquiry they won’t be as eager to purchase and will be more likely to change their mind.

A media response line from alldayPA ensures that whenever the call comes in there is someone there to take the order and to get all the relevant information you need for your records.

For more information about how alldayPA can support your next marketing campaign with a media response line, get in touch with us today and talk to one of our experts.

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“75% think calling is the most effective way of getting a quick response.” New Voice

All marketing campaigns should be geared towards attracting potential customers, handling their inbound enquiries inadequately will annoy them. It takes every stage of your funnel to generate a lead and converting them into a customer. To avoid a bad first experience handling queries well can be vital for business success.

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