Overflow Reception & Virtual Switchboard

Your calls can be transferred to named individuals or departments.

Dedicated Virtual Switchboard and Overflow Reception

Use alldayPA as an overflow reception or a virtual switchboard. Answering your calls 24 hours a day, we transfer your callers to the right departments or named individuals. If the person requested is not available, we can either try someone else or take a message. Use us as your full-time switchboard, or just on an ad-hoc basis when your team can’t get to the phone. If your staff are busy on a caller, further enquiries trying to get through will not be placed on hold. They will be diverted to alldayPA and your team of PAs will manage these calls.

When you set up your account, we will ask you what your office hours are. Any calls that come through to your team outside these hours will not be transferred. Instead, your virtual PA will take a message and send the information to your team for them to get back to when they come back into the office.

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Seamlessly divert calls to the correct department within your business

Our virtual switchboard services work by transferring your calls to named individuals or named departments.

This service exists to support your team when your lines are busy. We answer your calls in your company name, so your callers won’t know the difference between a call that is handled by alldayPA and one answered in your own office. Answering your calls 24 hours a day, we keep your business open for business throughout the year – every day of the week.

We are here to support your team when your lines are busy with an overflow reception service.

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Power of the human voice

80% of callers will not call a business
back if they are greeted by an
automated voicemail or
hold tone.

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“73% of consumers say friendly customer service reps can make them fall in love with a brand.” RightNow

Getting brand loyalty is down to the way a consumer feels after an interaction. A consumer champions a company because they feel strongly towards the services offered. Everything is not always down to the product – at times an affiliation is based on the personal interaction.

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