Switchboard Services

With our switchboard service, you get the benefits of a professional, efficient switchboard with none of the hassle or expense of hiring a receptionist to cover the switchboard.

Whether you use the service as an overflow for your existing switchboard, as an out-of-hours service, or as a full time remote switchboard, all calls are seamlessly diverted day or night.

Answering the phone in your company name, our operators will manage and allocate your calls, transferring them through to the right person in your organisation – whether in the UK or abroad, working from home or on the road – as your own switchboard operator would.

There’s no limit to the number of people within your organisation we can handle calls for.

We currently work with clients ranging from a 50-strong accountancy practice to an engineering company with over 2,500 employees. And if people are not available or do not pick up the phone, we will transfer the call to a colleague or take a message and send it to them via email or text.

The remote switchboard is ideal for those companies wishing to remain responsive to customers and clients at all times – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Using our switchboard service also means your staff do not have to waste time answering unimportant or nuisance calls.

If there are people or companies you do not want to take calls from, we can screen them, only putting through those calls you want to take.

Switchboard Services For Business

A Switchboard service is ideal for any business with multiple sites, or businesses with a remote workforce.

By outsourcing your switchboard, you make sure all your calls come into one place before being transferred through to the required person.

Any messages taken and any transfers made are recorded, so you can easily keep track of the calls and information coming into your business.

This is important as it helps to keep everyone in the loop, and stops communication problems when people are working from home or remotely from another site.

When someone calls your company, the call will come into our UK call centre. One of the PA’s managing your switchboard will follow the script we’ve created for you and transfer the call or take a message.

If they take a message, this will be updated in real time and can be accessed via the Virtual Office.

You can choose who has access to see the messages, making it a great way to let everyone in the team get important messages and information.

Switchboard Service PA’s

Our Switchboard Service is staffed 24/7 by PA’s based right here in the UK.

Before handling calls for your switchboard, our PA’s undergo an intensive 6-week training program. This is called the alldayPA academy.

The alldayPA academy ensures that all of our PA’s have the customer service skills needed to represent your business, and understand how to effectively manage a remote switchboard.

In addition to this, all the work our PA’s do is overseen by an in-house compliance team whose job it is to ensure that our high standards are maintained at all times.

This means that your switchboard will always been handled diligently and effectively, and that your callers will always receive the quality of service you’d expect from one of your own staff.

Switchboard Technology

Our switchboard technology is managed by our dedicated in house IT team.

We’ve invested over £15,000,000 in our tech and infrastructure to ensure an industry leading product and standard of service.

When a call comes into alldayPA a custom script, created especially for your business, will instantly appear on the PA’s screen.

The PA’s follow the script to ensure that you get every piece of information you need from the caller prior to the transfer being made. This is perfect for qualifying calls so they can be sent to the right sales person every time.

When it comes to transferring the call, rather than dialling a number, the PA’s simply have to click the right name on the screen to transfer the call.

This prevents dialling errors and makes sure that the customer’s experience is smooth and professional at every step of the switchboard process.

The PA will then handover the call to your team member, providing them with all the relevant information they need so your team member is fully informed and prepared to take the call.

alldayPA’s Switchboard Service

If you think a switchboard service from alldayPA is right for your business, or if you simply want more information about our remote switchboards and how they work, then get in touch today.

A member of our team will be able to discuss your requirements and create a package that is perfectly tailored to the needs of your business.

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