Telephone Answering Services

If you or your staff are busy, on holidays, finished for the day or simply on another line we make sure every call into your business, firm or clinic is answered and handled professionally


Quality Call Handling

With three different call centres, every call we handle on behalf of your business is answered here in the UK.
We do not make any additional charge for out of hours, weekend calls or for round up times.

Virtual Receptionist and Assistant Services

We learn as much about your business as we possibly can before we start taking your calls. When you set up your account with alldayPA, we will talk with you about how you currently answer your telephone calls, what your callers expect, and what your receptionists are able to do over the phone. When a call comes through and your in-house team cannot take that call, we will answer in your business name and either transfer the call to the correct person or take a message and send it to your office in real time.

We can integrate with your existing systems to give your callers the most seamless service possible.

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Media Response

When you’ve spent time and money creating what you hope is going to be a well-received marketing campaign, it’s good business to have clarity on all the responses that campaign generated – including every call. alldayPA can provide detailed data on call responses when people call your business out of office hours.

It is also good practice to ensure a potential new customer’s first call to your business is ‘the best version of your business’. alldayPA work with companies that want to maximise their sales and marketing with media response call handling solutions for great first-time call experiences.

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Customer Service

Keeping customers can be as challenging as getting them in the first place. Our excellent customer services team will help you strike the right balance to ensure you do not fall into the trap of over promising or under delivering when handling customer calls.

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Diary Management and Appointment Booking

We strive to go above and beyond for our customers. If you are busy with a client and find it hard to not only answer your calls but to book appointments or manage a demanding diary, our PAs can help.

Increase staff productivity by signing up to alldayPA’s diary and booking service. Eliminate the time and hassle of scheduling appointments by integrating your diary with our in-house system. You will receive notifications in real time via text or email. We will also keep you informed if an appointment has been cancelled or rescheduled and can co-ordinate demanding schedules for workforce staff.

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Dedicated Virtual Switchboard and Overflow Reception

If your business receives many calls, or just too many calls for you to cope with, a dedicated team of professional PAs are going to help you focus on your business whilst we expertly and proficiently answer, triage and transfer your business calls.

Many businesses encounter an influx of calls at a specific time of the day or night. Divert your lines to alldayPA during these times so we can answer the calls that would have been placed on hold. Every caller will always speak to someone on behalf of your business, no matter how busy you are.

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Incident Call Management

When your business receives customer requests and needs a subsequent outbound call such as finding a solicitor, engineer or tech support to fulfil that request, alldayPA will answer the incoming calls, investigate the call thoroughly to understand exactly what the circumstances are and take responsibility for the outbound call to find the individual to take ownership of resolving the incident.

These calls can require exceptionally experienced PAs to handle them, often under challenging or stressful situations. alldayPA route these calls to our most talented and experienced PAs so these calls are dealt with superbly.

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Outsourced Call Centre

You have probably spoken to one of our PAs and not realised it. Your clients do not have to know that you outsource your calls; we answer just as if we are based in your office. Every call will be answered in your business name and calls will be transferred or messages will be taken in real time to ensure you never miss an opportunity.

Your professional image is important to us. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest level of customer service in every call we answer. With our in-house recruitment programme, training academy and continuous call monitoring, you can have the reassurance that your calls are being answered to an exceptionally high standard.

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